Study Hard to Become a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants help the physicians in performing administrative duties and in handling all clinical tasks as well. These medical assistants work in different clinics and hospitals. These professionals do a very important task by helping to keep the operations run efficiently. Medical assistant’s job varies from one health institution to the other. Some may do the entire task while others do laboratory or patient care exclusively. Other is just responsible in keeping all records and also answering telephone calls. Medical assistant’s clinical duties differ from one state to another. Medical assistants help doctors in examining their patients and treating them.

They check the patient’s height, weight, vital signs and writes down the medical history and do some basic laboratory tasks when needed. These professionals are also responsible in clarifying and answering all questions of the patients about the medicines and treatments. The medical assistant also works with other members of the health care team and interacts with the patients by helping them out in establishing a diet plan and teaching them regarding their medications. Some are authorized to do drug refills, telephone prescriptions. It is also a part of a medical assistant’s job to draw blood from the patient, taking ECG’s, removing sutures and changing dressings.

The average median salary for medical assistants can vary throughout the U.S. based on experience, schooling and job location. Hospitals and government work have shown higher salary bases than that of small clinics and doctors offices. The combined national average medical assistant salary is close to $33,000 per year with formal training. Without training, one can expect an average medical assisting salary closer to $23,000 annually.

The basic requirement needed in becoming a medical assistant is to have a high school diploma.

Though medical assistants can be trained on the job, a lot of employers still prefer to hire those with formal training. A lot of medical assistant schools offer programs that will give a person the nest skills and knowledge needed for this career. Vocational schools offer a one year program that can result to a certification while those programs offered in community colleges can be completed after two years that can eventually lead to an associate degree. Medical assistant programs include subjects like anatomy and physiology, ethics, laws and medical terminologies. These schools also offer laboratory procedures and techniques.

These medical assistant schools also offer practical training on computer and accounting skills. A medical assistant can be certified or registered by a Medical Assistant Association on every State. Meeting certain requirements are needed in become a registered medical assistant. And one of this includes passing the national examination. Having a certification may not be necessary but this will give the person greater employment opportunities. In looking for a medical assistant school, choose one that is accredited by the national accrediting program. These schools will assure you that your goals and needs can be met.

One can also contact the hospitals in your State and inquire about their trainings. The hospital will pay the person the training fees in exchange for a job contract. Usually, the duration of the training depends in the amount of the training. Like, if the two year training may cost a two year employment. This is a great deal since this will guarantee the person for a job. Once a person has found the best program, enroll on it and decide whether you wanted an associate degree or just a certification.

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